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Keeley Civil Spotlight: Newstead Ave.

Newstead Avenue Street Improvements | St. Louis, MO | $5M | May 2021

The Keeley Heavy Civil Infrastructure team was selected by a prominent higher education program in St. Louis to help improve and update the streets surrounding their facilities. The Keeley team provided innovative solutions to construct the widening of Newstead Avenue between Clayton Avenue and Forest Park Parkway, turning it into a 5-lane road to accommodate the bustling traffic. In order to widen the road, the team had to remove and reconstruct the Metro Light Rail tracks. Other solutions included all new sidewalks, ADA ramps, all new traffic signalization, bio-retention, new storm drainage system, asphalt paving, signage, and striping. Keeley Heavy Civil Infrastructure worked with Keeley Paving to complete the resurfacing and pavement scope of the project.

Safety is the most important thing on any Keeley jobsite, and the Heavy Civil Infrastructure team took their safety measures to the next level on this project. A lot of planning had to happen in order for this project to be a success. This included traffic control plans divided into 16 different phases, sidewalk closure plans, traffic signalization switchover plans, and Metro Light Rail work plans. This allowed for the team to not only keep their people safe, but the public as well. Keeley was able to seamlessly manage two-way traffic while simultaneously managing safe and effective work areas for team members to complete their work. This project also took place during the COVID-19 pandemic which presented its own unique set of challenges. The team was able to pivot without affecting the project schedule by moving the weekly meetings to be 100% virtual. Team members quickly adapted to working at safe distances, wearing masks, and following all COVID-19 protocols in place. The COVID-19 safety plan presented by the team received complete buy-in from the client.

Keeley worked with several partners on this project but was able to self-perform 85% of the project. Out of the 20,000 man-hours performed on the project, the Keeley Heavy Civil Infrastructure team worked 17,000 of those hours. Keeley’s dedication to exceeding customer expectations resulted in this project to be completed on-time and on budget to the full satisfaction of the client.

“I just want to thank you and your company for doing an outstanding job on the repaving and sidewalk work your team did for the Newstead project. I hope we can work together again in the future.”

-City of St. Louis Streets Department

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