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Civil Texas: 2022 Year in Review

In 2021, we made the decision to permanently plant our roots in Texas, solidifying growth in the South and dedication to providing exceptional customer service across the nation. As we look back on our first full year in the Lone Star State, so much growth has taken place, especially with our Civil Group. Our Texas Civil team is a full-service contractor with a niche specialty in structural concrete contracting. Their main services include:

Utilities | Structural Concrete | Earthwork | Piping | Structural Steel

Civil Texas lives out the Keeley mission every single day, and truly take those words to the next level. The team is proud to serve their clients, build great teams, and continue to grow the group, and Keeley Construction as a whole, with this mission as their guiding light. This team is not looking to grow just to grow, but rather partner with incredible clients and serve as a full-service construction provider while growing team members’ careers. These are the ingredients for an incredible business and have already led to repeat business with clients actively seeking out Keeley Construction to bid on their work.

The team has seen a lot of success over the past year, but their biggest accomplishment was completing and handing over their first project for CEMEX – a primary crusher. This was a new scope of work for the team, but they took on the challenge headfirst and were able to see phenomenal results. This project was a great way for them to break into the Texas market, building the foundation for a long-lasting partnership that has already led to repeat business. The CEMEX Primary Crusher job included:

  • Self-perform work for the entire scope except tying rebar and drilling piers

  • 85-foot-high concrete one- and two-sided wall forms and subsequent wall pours (worked/poured in stages with 1, 2, and 4 poured simultaneously)

  • Married design to an imperfect cut wall face where minimum widths of walls had to be maintained. Provided customized wall placement to meet the needs to the existing conditions

  • 6,400 CY of concrete placed on two-sided walls, backfilled with flow fill

  • Over 38,000 craft professional hours onsite across 34 team members

  • Accelerated baseline schedule to mitigate three months lost during foundation redesigns

  • ZERO safety incidents

Our Additional Experience

Union Pacific Railroad

Recently, our team completed an improvement project for the Union Pacific Railroad Co. in San Antonio, TX. We partnered with Russell Marine to deliver the railroad siding while keeping the area completely operational. Keeley Civil delivered a cast in place, concrete culvert while self-performing 100% of the scope. Through exceptional planning and empowering the crews to hold each other accountable, Keeley achieved ZERO on this project with no injuries, recordables, or other safety incidents.

Access to the site proved to be a challenge at times, but through innovative planning and being a considerate, friendly neighbor, Keeley overcame that challenge without affecting the project timeline. The project leadership team prioritized communication and kept all parties up to date on concrete pours, project activities, and alignment of schedules. Some project highlights included:

  • 968 CY of concrete placed with three major pours over 100 CY each on slabs or two-sided wall form pours

  • Over 1,000 LF of self-performed cast in place concrete culvert

  • Three major pours fit in between 22 trains per day

  • Major winter and spring rain events were mitigated with diversionary channels and sheet plastic measures

Spheres of Reflection

San Antonio, TX | 8,400 Pounds | 17 Feet Tall | New Construction

Local San Antonio artist, Kaldric Dow, honored and recognized the incredible life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. by designing a 17-foot-tall sculpture, titled “Spheres of Reflection.” Kaldric worked with the City of San Antonio and Keeley Construction to erect this memorial in Martin Luther King Park.

The Keeley Construction Civil team was called on by the City of San Antonio to help facilitate the creation of the sculpture and set it in the park upon completion. Keeley Civil worked with local fabricator, Mike Martini, who built the sculpture from Kaldric’s drawings. Keeley then continued to facilitate and grow this partnership by having weekly progress check-ins and detailed, effective communication throughout the entire process. Keeley Civil also served as the liaison between Mike Martini and the City for any changes or questions about the design. After Mike completed the construction of the sculpture, it was sent off to get the rusted finish added, along with painting the spheres with their respective words.

On installation day, Mike Martini and his team transported the final piece to the park. All aspects of the sculpture were set in a specific order and Keeley had a crane ready to set the head that aligned it perfectly per Kaldric’s vision. The team mounted the head upon the concrete pedestal with concrete anchors, followed by the tower that the spheres sat upon. Then, the four rows of spheres were installed. Each layer was set and bolted down until all four were perfectly in place. Finally, anti-graffiti coating was applied to the concrete pedestal and the entire sculpture was cleared and ready for viewing

The growth the Civil Texas team has seen in 2022 is nothing short of incredible. They have welcomed numerous new Keeley’ns to the family, deepening the team’s experience. This unique and diverse group of people has led to a wider bandwidth of work, project types, and delivery methods. Based on 2022, this group has a bright future ahead of them with the best yet to come!

“We are excited to keep growing our people. As we grow our people, we are going to grow the bottom line and take on more work. We truly have the right people in the right seats and the success of our people is what is going to lead to the explosive growth of our business.”

-John Frazier, Vice President – Texas Region


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