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Keeley Paving is Planting Its Roots in Texas

Keeley Construction was built on the foundation of our Paving Group when Larry Keeley started the business in 1975. What began as a family-owned paving company has grown into a nationwide, full-service construction company. However, the Paving Group is still at the heart of what we do. After decades of serving customers across the nation, we knew it was time to open our third office. After strategic planning and looking at various markets, we decided on New, Braunfels, Texas as the next home for Keeley Paving. Matt Bradley, Regional Director, stepped up and moved from St. Louis, Missouri to New Braunfels, Texas to spearhead the building of the Texas Paving office and team. With the support of leadership, Matt has built an incredible team and hit the ground running, completing high-quality work for customers across the south. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

“It’s been an exciting and challenging journey. The right people make a difference and we always hire for our culture. We are always looking forward to ensuring we are ready for the work ahead of us and I am learning more and more every day.”

-Matt Bradley

“Being part of the team that is building our New Braunfels, Texas office is exciting and challenging. As a Texan born and raised, I’m proud to be part of the foundation that helps Keeley build a strong team in Texas.”

-Roque Leal, Jr.

“Building the Keeley Team in New Braunfels, Texas has been an adventure. Being involved with this part of Keeley’s growth is an honor and an opportunity that I am glad to experience. Meeting and working with new Keeley’ns is always exciting!”

-Nicole Henderson

“There have been a lot of hard days, but even more good days. We have amazing people on this ride with us and I can’t wait to see where we go from here.”

-Mike Flom

Keeley Paving has done work in Texas for decades, but making New Braunfels, Texas a permanent home was necessary for growth and getting the Keeley name out into the market. We pride ourselves on our customer service and being able to provide that to our customers in the south with our own crews has been a game changer. Our customers know that they are getting the same level and dedication to quality and service that the company was built on. These team members have years of experience in the industry and are focused on exceeding expectations on every job. Our customers truly know that their projects will be completed at the highest level of quality.

“Keeley provides the opportunity to build something from the beginning. We are never content with what we are doing right now – we are always looking towards the future. Our consistent growth creates a culture of creativity and discipline that we are able to bring to our customers. Our team is always looking for new ways to solve yesterday’s challenges.”

-Matt Bradley

The southern U.S. is a vast region, so we knew that we would need to bring people into the family that were willing to travel to provide innovative solutions to our customers. There is a lot of ground between cities in the south, so Matt and his team have strategically hired crews and leaders capable of being agile and adaptable to get to where our clients need us. The best part about having these crews in-house is that every customer, no matter where they are, will receive the same quality of work. Keeley Texas currently has three traveling crews – two concrete and one asphalt.

With the exponential growth that the Keeley Texas team has experienced, we can’t help but dream and vision for the future. Matt is excited for the day that Keeley is known as one of the largest pavers in Texas, with construction professionals seeking Keeley out as a career destination. Roque is looking forward to continued growth throughout the entire state of Texas while continuously improving. Nicole knows they have barely scratched the surface of what is possible and Mike is ready for Keeley to become the largest self-perform maintenance contractor in the south.

Our core values – PRIDE – are the guiding light in every decision we make, and this is no different with the Texas team. The team strives to align their actions to these values, empowering the entire workforce to propel Keeley forward. Leadership gives everyone the ability to make decisions and the team is always looking out for each other’s best interest, relying and depending on each other for accountability. The entire team in New Braunfels, Texas lives out these values every day and brings them to our customers, showing them that we truly practice what we preach.

“We live out our values every day by respecting one another, practicing integrity in everything we do, and making sure we do everything in our power to send everyone home safely at the end of the day.”

-Roque Leal, Jr.

Keeley truly has a world-class culture and everyone in New Braunfels, Texas embraces this culture, taking advantage of every opportunity available to them to grow themselves both personally and professionally. Everyone is constantly supported if they want to enhance their skills, continue their education, and grow their career. We spread this culture to everyone we meet and we can’t wait to see how Texas continues to grow and make Keeley a household name in the south!

“In my eight years at Keeley I have traveled the country, lead teams running multimillion dollar programs, and started a business unit from scratch. It’s hard to believe others get that opportunity at other companies. Everyone here is proud to be a Keeley’n.”

-Matt Bradley


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