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Keeley'n Spotlight: Justin Naber

Keeley Construction is growing rapidly, and it is because of some dedicated Keeley’ns that we have been able to open up offices outside of St. Louis. Justin Naber, Director of Business Development – West, has been instrumental in growing our presence in Arizona and the western United States. His passion for Keeley and expanding our services is truly unmatched.

Justin joined the Keeley family in 2016 to help open the Keeley West Paving office, Keeley’s first office outside of St. Louis. This venture propelled our Paving teams to become a national partner, expanding our service coverage for various retail clients throughout the western United States. After seeing great success with these clients, Justin and the Arizona team worked hard to add turnkey self-performing teams that were able to perform maintenance and capital improvement services across a wide variety of market sectors. Today, Justin continues to support the West Paving team’s growth while also working with our Industrial Group to expand their services, customer base, and market share in Arizona. Over the past five years, Justin has showcased incredible leadership and was given independence in Arizona, leaving him with a great sense of empowerment in his abilities.

“I feel empowered and motivated everyday by all the support and investments that the Keeley Construction Group leadership team has provided me and our team to strategically grow our footprint and services in the West market. It’s all about accountability and trust in the system, vision, and scorecard process!”

Justin didn’t immediately join the construction industry upon graduating from college. He began his career working at Anheuser Busch during which a colleague introduced him to Fred Weber, Inc., a local St. Louis construction & material services company. He joined the Fred Weber team and worked his way through field and quality control lab positions to become the Director of Business Development. He stayed with Fred Weber for 12 years and built professional relationships with Rich Roberts, Senior VP of Business Development for Paving, and Matt Taylor, Senior VP of Paving. After relocating to Phoenix in 2015, Matt Taylor approached him about opening an office in Phoenix and the rest is history. Justin is incredibly thankful that he joined the construction industry, as it has been rewarding to be able to work with great people, sell the Keeley brands and services, and see the impact he and his team are having as they build the future of America. The construction industry is booming, so if he could give one piece of advice to those looking to join the industry, it would be:

“Find a mentor, join professional organizations, be active in your community, align yourself with trade-minded people, and create a vision to expand your personal and professional brand.”

Justin’s five-year journey with Keeley has been one full of excitement and growth that does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. He is excited for the future of the West market with a vision to grow exponentially year over year and bring all Keeley Companies and business groups to Arizona. He is guided every day by Larry Keeley’s founding words – “Quality, safety, and service never go out of style.” Justin strives to live out this mission every single day. He is dedicated to our core values – PRIDE – and wears Empowerment on his sleeve, working to create a contagious effect with his team, clients, partners, family, and friends to always strive for the best. His dedication to all things Keeley radiates and influences those around him. He truly believes that he has found his career destination and is excited to see where the journey takes him.

“I love to sell our brand, culture, and values to spotlight Keeley as a career destination for those that are eager to join our family of amazing talent and want to invest in themselves and others to help better the construction industry and the world.”

Justin, thank you for your passion and vision for growth. Your efforts in Arizona have propelled us to new heights and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!


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