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Keeley Culture Spotlights

A Note From Tom

This has been an exciting year and I am proud to announce that L. Keeley Construction will now be known as Keeley Construction! We ware the same company you know and love, just with a fresh new look!

We have always been a national construction company, but this year has presented so much opportunity for growth. We are expanding even more across the country and we can't wait to serve our customers. Keep reading to learn more about our incredible new Keeley'ns leading this growth.

Project Spotlights

Our teams are hard at work across the country completed projects and exceeding our customers' expectations. Keep reading to learn more about what each group is working on.

Building | The Building Group is currently working on a new 15,000 SF firehouse for the Valley Park Fire District. The structure consists of a two-story area that will include a state-of-the-art conference room, offices, comfortable bunk rooms for the firefighters, an updated kitchen and dining area, shower rooms, and storage rooms. There will also be a new Apparatus Bay which will include four bays to house the fire and emergency vehicles. The project is underway and running smoothy.

Civil | Our Civil Group is working hard to bring a brand new, state-of-the-art MLS Stadium to St. Louis. The final steel beam was placed on the stadium, so we are excited for the next chapter of construction, gearing up for the 2023 season. Click here to learn more about the project and plans for the future!

Industrial | The Industrial Group recently entered a new market and we are proud to be working on a unique project right here in St. Louis! The project is well underway, having completed drilled piers, foundations, underground plumbing, and the setting of five storage tanks. The team is currently in the process of self-performing the building erection and are on track to complete the entire project under an accelerated schedule by the end of 2021.

Paving | Our Paving Group is currently working on an extensive, eight-phase project for BJC Healthcare. The project is a combination of full depth parking lot reclamation, french drain installation, and asphalt milling & overlay. There have been some unexpected design changes, but the team has worked seamlessly with the client, keeping safety and quality at the forefront.

KeeleyWay: Growth + New Faces

At Keeley Construction, we are all about vision and growth. 2021 has been an incredible year, and we are so excited to enter into new markets and introduce some amazing new Keeley'ns!

First, in St. Louis, Ted Mettler, Vice President of Industrial began his well-deserved retirement after long, respected career. We are proud to announce that John Herrin will be taking over as Vice President of Industrial. He has an exciting vision of growth and innovation for his team and he aligns perfectly with Keeley's mission and values. Welcome, John!

We have done work in Texas for decades, and we are excited to open our first office in the Lone Star State! Our very own Matt Bradley relocated from St. Louis in order to spearhead our Texas Paving operations. We are also growing our Civil operations in Texas with the addition of two new team members - Mike Uldrich and John Frazier.

Finally, we are expanding our services in the midwest and opening an office in Ohio for our rapidly-growing Industrial Group. Andy Cottle and Ryan Crawford have joined our team and will help us in enhancing our existing services while introducing new services in order to better serve our customers.

KeeleySafe: Three Years of ZERO

Safety is and always will be our top priority and we work hard to empower our people to do everything they can to keep themselves and their team members safe. Our Keeley Construction Civil Energy group exemplifies this dedication and just achieved three years of ZERO recordables! These crews self-perform almost every aspect of a project and work under some of the toughest conditions. We could not be prouder of this achievement and we are incredibly grateful for their dedication to KeeleySafe.

#KeeleyCares: Pedal the Cause

Every year, we are proud to support the life-changing efforts of Pedal the Cause as they work to fund groundbreaking cancer research. This year, on September 25 and 26, #KeeleyCares sponsored the volunteer tent and Keeley'ns came out to volunteer and ride throughout the weekend. We are so grateful for our partnership with Pedal the Cause and can't wait to continue to support them year after year.

KeeleyLife: Our First Annual Kickball Tournament

On Thursday, September 9, we hosted our first annual KeeleyLife Kickball Tournament! Eight teams battled it out with One Kick Wonders taking home the trophy. Over 100 Keeley'ns came out to play, volunteer, and having a good time while raising money for Girls on the Run. It was an incredible evening and we are are already looking forward to next year!

KeeleyOne: VOICE Chats

The mission of KeeleyOne is to empower every voice and our VOICE Chats do just that. Every month, our KeeleyOne team hosts a session that covers topics ranging from the LGBTQ+ community, closing the generational gap, and what it means to be a woman in a male-dominated industry. These chats are open to everyone across the companies and are a great way to see these issues from an entirely new perspective.

KeeleyU: Our Innovative Partnership with Maryville University

KeeleyU is incredibly excited to partner with MaryvilleWORKS to expand and create new opportunities for Keeley'ns to further their education and learn new skills. Our revamped program will include a new, best-in-class learning management system (LMS) that will give Keeley'ns access to hundreds of courses at any time, regardless of location. This enhanced educational content will provide something for everyone. Whether Keeley'ns are looking to improve their leadership or learn new ways to keep their team members safe, they will have endless opportunities to learn new skills.

Click here to learn more about everything this partnership has to offer!


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