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Keeley Construction Wins Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association Safety Award

NEW BRAUNFELS, TX – JULY 27, 2023 – Keeley Construction, proud partner of the Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association (TACA), is excited to announce that our Texas Civil team was honored as a recipient of the 2023 TACA Safety Award. Keeley Construction’s Civil Texas team has worked on six contracts in the Quarry/Mining industry in Texas over the last two years. Since June 2021, the team has experienced zero accidents, zero recordables, and zero injuries. This record of ZERO is exemplary and an incredible accomplishment of our Keeley’ns.

The Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association reviewed Keeley’s performance and safety record on their project with a trusted partner in New Braunfels, TX. In this highly complex environment and industry, TACA has strict safety regulations, and the Keeley Team constantly proved that they are completely aligned with those regulations, along with TACA’s goals, metrics, and vision for the future of the industry. Senior Project Superintendent, Esequiel Mendoza, said about the team’s efforts, “This project was programmed around safety and the quality provided was exceptional because of the effective pre-planning (measuring twice, cutting once), which yielded a fantastic end result.”

This complex project took place in the largest quarry in North America. Given the vast project site, specific scope of work, and challenging environment, Keeley Construction prioritized safety and quality every single day. Throughout the project lifecycle, the team was wholly focused on maintaining the client’s operations, communicating seamlessly and effectively, and acting as a good neighbor onsite while acting as the strongest safety advocate for the craft professionals, fellow Keeley’ns, partners, as well as the client.

Keeley’s work on this quarry project consisted of 100% self-performing crews (with the exception of drill shafts and tying rebar). It was the Texas team’s most technical and complex concrete project to date with upwards of 30-40 craft professionals working cohesively onsite. Bringing this self-perform advantage to the project gave Keeley the ability to control quality, cost, schedule, and most importantly, safety, keeping it at the forefront of everyone’s minds and giving the client peace of mind every day.

“The reason we won this award is directly related to the decisions made on a daily basis by our craft professionals delivering/self-performing the work,” said Cameron Grimmer, Project Manager. “Our people are the reason we are here and they are truly exceptional at what they do – delivering quality, safe work.”

About Keeley Construction

Keeley Construction Group was founded in 1976 as a family-owned paving company. Over four decades and 1,000+ Keeley’ns later, Keeley Construction has grown into a true national builder with four specialized business groups – Building, Paving, Civil, and Industrial. Guided by a steadfast mission, vision, and core values, Keeley Construction strives to exceed expectations on every project, giving customers service they demand with the quality and safety they deserve. With offices across the nation, Keeley Construction is proud to provide world-class service in various market sectors. To learn more, visit

About Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association

The Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association (TACA) is the main resource for the aggregate, concrete, cement and other associated industries in Texas. The association represents its member companies by providing industry information to the public, media, policymakers and regulators; advocating for industry issues; ensuring member companies commit to conducting business with integrity, respect, transparency and honest communication; and creating industry training courses and materials that help members effectively manage their businesses. To learn more, visit


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