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Keeley Construction Heavy Industries Spotlight

Fort Dodge, IA | New Construction | In-Progress

The Keeley Construction Heavy Industries is proud to be working on a project at the facility of a trusted partner in Ford Dodge, IA. The Keeley Construction team is working on the installation of a process building, load-out building, and miscellaneous structures. Structural steel and equipment installations are included in each of these facilities, along with constructing an addition to an existing facility to increase production.

The Fort Dodge facility is in a logistically and structurally challenging environment with railroad lines that come in and out of the facility. Along with simply working in the vicinity of the railroad lines, the team has to cross them every day during construction. This environment lends some challenges and safety hazards, but the team has been able to coordinate with the railroad and the existing facility, instilling a hyperfocus on completing the project safely.

Keeley Construction is self-performing a majority of the scope of work, providing quality assurance, upholding the highest safety standards, controlling the schedule, ensuring proper working conditions, and complying with all EHS standards.

Click here to learn more about Keeley Construction Heavy Industries and check back for more information upon project completion!


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