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Keeley Building Spotlight: Warehouse Facility

Pevely, MO | New Construction | 33,200 SF | 2022

Keeley Building was selected by a trusted partner for the construction of a new package handling facility in Pevely, MO. This new world-class facility will be used to redistribute packages taken off our partner's semi-tractor trailers and placed on their delivery vehicles for smooth and prompt delivery to customers' homes and businesses in the region. The building will also feature a full-service autobody shop to maintain and improve their fleet. The building itself is a pre-engineered building system which will contain a standalone concrete metro doc for the 30-delivery vehicle bay coiling doors and conveyor system. Finally, a Mezzanine space will also be included in the building for team members and customers to utilize.

Keeley Construction is truly utilizing the Power of One on this project with each business group providing self-perform services. Keeley Building is self-performing rough carpentry, door & hardware installation, quality control, joint sealant, signage installation, casework installation, and final clean upon project completion. Keeley Paving is providing all asphalt and concrete paving services. Keeley Civil is self-performing all water utilities work with Keeley Industrial providing the steelwork for the Mezzanine and stairs throughout the facility.


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