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Heavy Industries: 2022 Year in Review

The Keeley Construction Heavy Industries Group is a nationwide Industrial General Contractor, committed to completing the tough jobs that others shy away from. With general and discipline-specific capabilities, the team is able to adapt to any environment with nimbleness and finesse. The Heavy Industries capabilities include proven, process-driven heavy industrial capital project installations, heavy equipment construction & rigging, mechanical and/or E&I installations, and modular installations.

The team strives to exceed customer expectations and complete every project to the highest quality and safety standards. They are able to achieve this by being a trusted partner, providing the following self-perform services:

Site Prep | Deep Foundations | Concrete | Steel | Piping | Building Design & Erection

Electrical | Instrumentation

Driven by the Keeley mission, the Heavy Industries team places its strongest focus on the people. People are our greatest asset and safety and professional development are vital to continued success. Heavy Industries Leadership works hard to provide their people with the resources they need to grow in their careers and execute every job to the highest safety standards.

“The workforce is the backbone of this group and we need to prioritize their development and make sure they are taken care of.”

-Andy Cottle, VP of Heavy Industries

2022 was a year of growth for Heavy Industries. A lot of key personnel were added to the team. This included ten Keeley’ns in support staff roles and 50-60 craftspeople across the nation. These key hires allowed the team to further expand their abilities and resources to handle increased workload as they make a name for themselves in key markets. The team also added the acquisition of a large project in Fort Dodge, IA to their roster. This is a project that took a lot of collaboration and strategic proposal development, and was not based solely on price. The team put a great deal of resources and effort into the proposal and were awarded the high-value project to drive revenue and experience for the group. This project is currently underway.

The largest project of the year was with a leader in the Hydrogen market. The team has received multiple awards across ten projects with this new client in the growing Hydrogen Renewables space. Keeley Heavy Industries came into this program of work with innovative solutions, ready to exceed expectations and build it from the ground up. Every single project was completed with ZERO incidents and ZERO recordables. The team is grateful for the opportunity to work on this program and looks forward to a long-lasting partnership.

“As we look towards the future, I am looking forward to growing the group to a sustainable, consistent revenue stream that is producing countless opportunities for our group members both now, and for years to come.”

-Andy Cottle

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