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Women in Construction Spotlight: Luciana Carrillo Barba

Our Building Group continuously builds communities across the nation, enhancing the ways in which we live and work. Our team strives to exceed expectations on every project, bringing visions to life, whether that be a higher education facility, multifamily apartment building, or mixed use development. Luciana Carrillo Barba, Project Engineer, works hard to exceed expectations on every project while not only growing her career, but the careers of her team members.

Luciana joined the team in 2021 as a summer intern on the Preconstruction Team within the Building Group. Upon completion of her internship, she entered into a Co-Op as a Project Engineer while she finished her undergraduate degree. This Co-Op experience allowed her to gain more experience in the field and in the industry as a whole. After she graduated, she joined the Keeley family full-time as a Project Engineer and has been in that role ever since. Being able to grow in her career before she started full-time allowed Luciana to jump right in and feel empowered from the moment she stepped on to a job.

“Keeley makes me feel empowered by always taking my opinions into account and showing that they matter to the company. I also feel empowered because I get to continuously help in problem solving and decision making on projects. One aspect I appreciated about the culture at Keeley is the focus on safety which empowers all of us to keep the sites and our team members safe every single day.”

Luciana’s passion for construction began at a young age as she grew up watching her father work in the industry. She spent time with him out on jobsites and this made her realize that construction was a career path that she wanted to pursue. Besides her passion and interest in the industry, Luciana knew that she wanted to make a difference in construction and encourage other women and future generations to feel empowered to join the industry. Working in a male dominated industry can be challenging, as often times women need to work a little harder to show that their skills and abilities are the same as their male counterparts. However, Luciana has seen firsthand that working in a challenging environment has pushed her to be stronger and more confident in both her professional and her personal life. So, if she could give a piece of advice to women just starting out in the industry, it would be:

“The construction industry changes very quickly, so it is important to keep learning. Always be curious and do not be afraid to ask questions. Having a mentor, someone who can guide you and help you with learning and growing throughout your career, can be very helpful. It is also very important to spend time out on the field as much as you can and be truly passionate about what you do. Never be afraid to speak up and trust your knowledge and experience.”

Throughout her career, Luciana has learned to not set limits on herself and on what she can do and achieve in the industry. She has worked hard to build a positive mindset and her passion for the industry has allowed her to achieve great results. As she continues to grow in her career, she is incredibly excited for what the future holds, knowing that it is full of growth and opportunity with the support of her Keeley family behind her. Luciana knows she has found her career destination.

“Everyone at Keeley makes you feel like you are part of the family from day one. The way they treat you and care about every individual in the community is amazing. Everyone is willing to support you and help you in every way to achieve your goals.”

Luciana, thank you for bringing your passion and your talents to the Building Group! It has been amazing watching you grow over the past few years and we can’t wait to see what amazing things you accomplish in the future!


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