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Women in Construction Spotlight: Kerry Vickery

Our Building Group is hard at work enhancing communities across the nation, building everything from banks and grocery stores to state-of-the-art residential facilities and higher education spaces. Kerry Vickery, Project Coordinator for the Building Group, consistently collaborates with the Building team to ensure projects run smoothly, deadlines are met, and clients’ expectations are exceeded.

Since joining Keeley, Kerry has grown in ways she never imagined. The way that leadership and her team members have empowered her to learn and grow into the best version of herself, both personally and professionally, is unlike anything she has experienced in her career. She has enjoyed every single moment with the Building Group and is looking forward to continuing to contribute to the Group’s vision and growth.

“There have been several changes with the Building Group since I started with Keeley, but with those changes come more opportunities to grow, learn, and step into new ways to support my team. The encouragement I’ve received from all levels has been immeasurable and the resources available to all Keeley’ns are tremendous.”

Kerry’s professional background is in educational support roles and she had no prior construction experience before joining another local General Contractor as a receptionist. She quickly realized her love for the industry and worked towards a more involved position so she could learn as much as she can. She was promoted to a Project Assistant which soon led her to Keeley. Working and advancing a career in a male-dominated industry can be intimidating, but for Kerry, the level of respect and professionalism she has experienced at Keeley has always allowed her to feel appreciated and valued for the skills and support she brings to her team. Working in construction has been a wonderful experience and she wants other women to know that they can find their place in this industry.

“Your input and perspective are both unique and valuable. Never be intimidated in any way, shape, or form. Take every opportunity to learn, speak up, and shine!”

Since joining the industry and paving her path, Kerry has learned a lot of lessons. However, the most important lesson she has learned is to truly persevere and not give up. When there is a lot of change happening, it can be challenging, especially as you learn and take on new roles. There will always be growing pains, but Kerry has learned that when she starts to feel overwhelmed, she just needs to take a breath, regroup, remember her goals, seek trusted support, and start again. This mindset has allowed her to visualize a crystal clear vision for herself – continue to support the Building Group while growing her career until she is ready to retire as a Keeley’n.

“The culture here is second to none. Most businesses say their focus is on their people, but they fall short when their people need it most. Keeley proves day in and day out, from senior leadership to support roles, that we are a family – and that means so much to me!”

Kerry, we are so grateful you found your home at Keeley and we are incredibly proud of the work you have done, and continue to do, for the Building Group. As you continue to grow, you are sure to achieve amazing things!

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