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Keeley'n Spotlight: Nathan Munie

The Keeley Building Group has gone through a lot of change and evolution over the past few years, but one thing that has remained constant is the dedication to service, safety, and quality, especially when it comes to providing preconstruction services. Nathan Munie, Director of Preconstruction, has been working hard to build a team of like-minded Keeley’ns while constantly striving to exceed expectations.

Nathan joined the Keeley family as Lead Estimator and Preconstruction Manager in 2016 after eight years of working with other General Contractors. After three years of growth and hard work, Nathan was promoted to Director of Preconstruction in December 2019. It was a challenge for him to build his team during the COVID-19 pandemic, but he is grateful for the lessons he learned as they have come out stronger on the other side. While Nathan’s team’s main focus is the Building Group, they also serve the entire company, ensuring success from the very start of a project.

“After gaining a level of trust, Keeley has allowed me to do what I think is necessary to help move the business forward, which is very empowering. This has allowed me to try to instill this same sense of empowerment in my team.”

Nathan found his passion for construction at a very early age. When he was just four years old, construction started up outside his house. As a curious child, he sat on the porch with his grandma every day to watch the work being done. The workers took Nathan under their wing, letting him sit in the cab of the excavator and even giving him a Fabick hat that he still has 30 years later. This experience was when he found his love for construction and went through the rest of his early years honing in on his passion and perfecting his skills. Throughout his years in the industry, Nathan has met and worked with some incredible people, forming lifelong friendships and partnerships. He has valued every second of his construction career, so if Nathan could give one piece of advice to someone starting out, it would be:

“You have to work hard and build trust, and that takes time. In any investment in your future, whether that be your career, your money, or yourself, never discount the true power of time, patience, and compound interest.”

Since growing a strong team, Nathan has also worked on his vision for future growth. He is excited to hopefully see multiple Keeley Building offices established around the nation, soon growing into larger operations than Keeley’s St. Louis headquarters. The culture Keeley has built, along with a strategic mindset, has driven our success and Nathan fully embraces this culture and strives to be a good example for his fellow Keeley’ns.

“Everything is earned, nothing is given.”

Keeley’s core values – PRIDE – are lived out every day by Nathan and his team. The core value that resonates with Nathan the most is Respect. Every day, he sees just how much everyone at Keeley respects each other and the work that they do. Keeley’ns genuinely want to see everyone succeed, and it’s amazing to Nathan that he works at a company that truly practices what they preach. He knows that he has found his career destination and wants others to know that they can find their place at Keeley, too.

“A lot of companies don’t put much emphasis on the value of interpersonal relationships, but that isn’t true at Keeley Companies. I truly enjoy the people I work with and Keeley really fosters a collaborative environment.”

Nathan, thank you for spearheading our preconstruction efforts and building an incredible department. Keeley would not be the same without you and we can’t wait to watch your vision come to life!


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