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Keeley'n Spotlight: Joe Rallo

Keeley is expanding across the country, and one of our key markets is in Phoenix, AZ. The dedicated team of Keeley’ns working to bring our services to the western US are the backbone of what we do. Joe Rallo, Phoenix Director of Paving, has helped bring this region to life, turning it into the thriving operation it is today.

Joe joined the Keeley family in February 2020 as an Estimator in Phoenix. Joe met Justin Naber, Director of Business Development – West, in 2017 and through that relationship, Joe was introduced to Keeley’s efforts in the region. Having grown up and lived in St. Louis, he was already aware of the incredible culture and vision that Keeley had built. Since 2020, a lot of transition and growth has taken place, allowing him to take the role of Director in 2021. Being part of building this office from the ground up has allowed Joe to feel incredibly empowered in his work.

“I feel empowered every single day. Everyone has an opportunity to do something outside of their normal, daily responsibilities. Everyone is encouraged to think outside the box and go above and beyond, taking on tasks to help the team or an individual to grow and succeed. I’m constantly amazed by what our Arizona team can do.”

Joe was born into construction. His family owned a large construction company and it was his grandfather’s wish for everyone to be involved, so he followed in his footsteps. He remembers going to projects with his dad on the weekends, sparking an early passion for the industry. After many years of growing his career, Joe’s favorite part of the industry is that there is a new challenge every day. It’s a very risky and dangerous business, but it is the most rewarding because at the end of the day, he can say that he built something and had a hand in bringing someone’s vision to life. Joe’s passion for the industry runs deep and he wants others to feel the same, so if he could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out, it would be:

“Don’t be shy to ask questions. Always keep an open mind because construction is different every day. It can be challenging, but it’s cool because you will always learn something new if you step up to the challenge. Ask the senior leaders and senior PMs because they have the most experience and can offer great guidance to help you get through an issue, grow to the next level, and make the most of your career.”

Keeley lives by our core values – PRIDE – and Joe has taken these values to heart because they align with his personal values and vision for the future. The value he resonates the most with is People.

“The success of anything is great teamwork and if you don’t have the right people or if everyone is not a team player, you’re not going to be successful. Every core value plays into people – treating each other with respect, displaying integrity, practicing discipline, and fostering a culture of empowerment.”

The people are also Joe’s favorite part of being a Keeley’n. He is grateful to be part of a team where everyone is held accountable, has an important piece of the larger puzzle, and can be a leader. Everyone is encouraged to lead and help one another becoming better leaders for themselves and others as they grow their career and help the team exceed their goals. This culture of empowerment is important to Keeley’s vision and Joe is excited for what is to come because anyone would be lucky to call Keeley their career destination, just as he has.

“The career growth here is unlike any other company. Everyone has the chance to be a leader and grow into whoever you want to be, both personally and professionally. This is truly felt within every level of the organization, from the field up to leadership.”

Joe, thank you for leading our Arizona efforts and for building such an amazing team! We can’t wait to watch your vision come to life.


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