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LKC Civil Spotlight: Mark Twain

Northeast Missouri | Transmission Line Construction | 2019 | 96 Miles

The L. Keeley Civil Team was approached to construct the Mark Twain Transmission Project, a 96-mile, 345,000-volt transmission line and substation. This project extended through the Adair, Knox, Lewis, Marion, and Schuyler counties in Missouri. The goal of this project was to improve capacity, grid strength, and increase access to renewable sources of energy, bringing regional and local growth in northeast Missouri. This project marked the successful completion of L. Keeley’s largest project to date.

In order to ensure successful completion of the project, L. Keeley implemented their corporate constructability program. Many aspects of this program were critical to the success of the project, including qualifying key team members and their roles, defining and measuring critical path objectives, implementing project strategies with all team members, and selecting qualified vendor partners that would contribute to our efforts and dedication to safety. These aspects allowed for a smooth and efficient flow of work, resulting in the safe execution of a high-quality product.

With the exception of the electrical work, the L. Keeley team provided a one-stop-shop for everything by self-performing SWIP, access, and foundation. The team overcame schedule changes due to local ownership and real estate challenges, mobilizing seven foundation crews in order to keep the project on schedule. However, it was these challenges and thorough planning that gave the L. Keeley team more operational experience, deeper relationships with vendor partners, scheduling expertise related to large-scale projects, and total satisfaction for our customer in all aspects of project delivery.

The 95 Keeley’ns that worked tirelessly on this job were recognized by the customer for their focus and dedication to contributing countless hours of work to see the project to completion. Collaboration, innovative thinking, and persistency among the L. Keeley Team and all other partners were vital factors in the success of this project. The knowledge, experience, and relationships gained during this project have aided in the growth and advancement of the L. Keeley Civil Team.

Learn more about the L. Keeley Civil Team here.

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