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LKC Financial Facilities Spotlight: West Community Credit Union

By: Ryan Perryman

Brentwood, MO | New Branch | 2019 | 9,900 Square Feet

In 2016, West Community Credit Union realized that their branch presence needed significant changes to achieve their future goals. Their project plan called for the purchase of additional property to the west of their lot, building a completely new structure with a fresh modern look, and removal of their existing structure to accommodate for much-needed parking. The result completely transformed the city’s downtown district and serves as a beautiful testament to West Community’s commitment and legacy in Brentwood.

The building contains a 5,000 square foot branch that includes lease space for tenants in the busy S. Brentwood Blvd corridor. Features include teller pods, glass walls with sliding doors, a clerestory element to bring natural light into the space, and drive-up tellers. The building architecture emulates the other recent branches of the credit union, extending “architecture as branding” to the new location. The entire project was constructed onsite while the existing credit union branch at this location was kept fully operational.

This project was a perfect fit for the L. Keeley and West Community teams and allowed for a strong and long-lasting partnership. One of the reasons this project was so successful was the complete cultural alignment between L. Keeley and West Community. The dedication to safety, continuous learning, and community service exhibited by both teams ensured everyone that a lasting partnership was formed.

The West Community team participated in our annual #KeeleyCares Dodgeball Tournament benefitting Good Shepherd and got to see first-hand and participate in our #KeeleyCares efforts. A few members of their team also took the time to speak to our Keeley’ns about Home Buying Basics and will be back in 2020 to discuss “Buying Big” and how to save and finance for large purchases. We are so grateful for this incredible partnership and we cannot wait to see what the future holds with West Community Credit Union.

Learn more about the L. Keeley Financial Facilities team here.

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