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Speciality Construction

Civil Construction

Keeley Civil Specialty Construction offers a diverse range of specialized construction services, catering to unique and challenging projects in various sectors. With their expertise in intricate engineering and innovative approaches, Keeley provides tailored solutions for complex ventures with unmatched precision and efficiency.

Specialty Construction Services

Keeley Civil boasts a comprehensive range of services, including drilling vertical and constructing specialized shoring systems and caissons. Our expertise extends to earthwork and mass excavation, while we also excel in SWPPP installation and maintenance as well as soil remediation, ensuring clients benefit from an all-encompassing solution for their unique civil construction needs.

Speciality Construction

Caisson Construction

Speciality Construction

Specialty Shoring

Speciality Construction

Mass Excavation

Speciality Construction

SWPPP Installation

Keeley Construction demonstrates exceptional caisson construction expertise, employing advanced techniques and precision engineering to deliver reliable and robust foundations for various structures.

The Civil group showcases unparalleled expertise in specialized shoring systems, providing innovative and custom solutions to support and stabilize excavations, ensuring safe and efficient construction in challenging environments.

Our team exhibits remarkable expertise in mass excavation, efficiently managing and executing large-scale earthwork projects while adhering to the highest standards of safety and precision.

We demonstrate exceptional SWPPP expertise, implementing comprehensive stormwater management solutions to comply with environmental regulations and ensure sustainable construction practices.

Specialty Construction Experience


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