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WEOKIE Executive Office Building

Oklahoma City, OK

As a reflection of their unprecedented growth and community impact, WEOKIE is building this state-of-the-art Administrative Building to accommodate the needs of their Administrative team. The building will serve as a testament to the deliberate commitment WEOKIE’s leadership has made to growth through service in the Oklahoma City community.


The new 35,000 SF building will include attributes to allow for speedy recovery from disasters such as an emergency generator and a partial basement. Two floors will be occupied immediately, with one floor being set aside for future use. Demonstrating Keeley and the Credit Union’s focus on planning, the site, and the building have been configured to allow for a future addition if the need should ever arise. 


In addition, a freestanding branch for the Credit Union is being constructed on the site to serve the financial needs of the members in this growing Oklahoma City area.

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