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Transmission Line Construction

Civil Energy Construction

Keeley Civil Group provides support and services for the construction and installation of end-to-end electrical transmission and distribution systems across challenging terrains.

Transmission Line Construction Services

Keeley Construction excels in offering comprehensive transmission line civil construction services, encompassing foundation and tower site preparation, access road construction, and erosion control measures. Leveraging their vast experience and skilled workforce, Keeley ensures the successful completion of transmission line projects with a focus on quality, safety, and environmental compliance.

Transmission Line Construction


Transmission Line Construction

Spill Control

Transmission Line Construction


Transmission Line Construction

Site Access

We construct all electrical foundation types: drilled piers, driven piling, helical piling, micro-piling, and formed foundations.

We provide complete construction services to support environmentally sound spill control initiatives to entrap and contain transformer oil spills at live substations.

Following the completion of construction, we restore the site and access with the intent to bring it back to its original conditions.

We provide temporary roads/access during construction to support heavy traffic flow of equipment and materials to remote sites.

Transmission Line Construction Experience

Mark Twain T-Line

Holland Neoga T-Line

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