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Chesterfield, MO

The Monsanto Greenhouse Renovation project was a complete remodel of twenty-six greenhouses on top of a six-story building. The previous greenhouses were outdated and experienced interior leaking rainwater and support structures that had fallen out of alignment due to time and gravity.


The project also consisted of numerous complex components, such as replacing 15,000+ pieces of glass and installing new temperature controlling technology all while adhering to Monsanto’s strict timeline and not interfering with research schedules. L. Keeley’s Industrial Team adapted to unique environmental challenges, completing the renovation project on time and on budget.

The most significant and most rewarding achievement was being awarded as the prime contractor on this project. Monsanto trusted L. Keeley to not only properly execute the construction of their state-of-the-art greenhouses but to also keep proprietary information confidential. L. Keeley was honored to be a part of the project and continues to grow and strengthen their relationship with Monsanto.

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