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WEOKIE Federal Credit Union

S. Penn Branch | Oklahoma City, OK

The existing S. Penn location for WEOKIE was originally constructed over 25 years ago using a segmented design/bid/build approach and problems arose from the start. Budget and schedule issues affected construction and the building leaked almost from the beginning. It has been voted one of the ugliest buildings in Oklahoma on several occasions.  WEOKIE made the decision to call in the integrated Plan | Design | Build team at L. Keeley to transform the damp, ugly duckling into something new. The transformation included removal of leaky skylights and replacement with clerestory glass using only vertical glazing;  replacement of all the metal flashing on the building; resurfacing of metal panels that had always appeared soiled and chalky; the addition of windows to bring natural light into the first floor; and a new paint scheme to enliven the existing masonry walls.


The interior was also transformed using modern finishes and materials creating a light, vibrant look. Rearranging the functions of the building allowed the owner to bring all member service functions to the first floor for ease of access. The second floor was transformed into a standalone department that is not branch related. Upgraded HVAC systems, new thermal glazing of existing windows, and energy-efficient LED lighting were other key components of the work. With these new upgrades, WEOKIE is realizing their dream of an appealing trouble-free facility for many years to come.

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