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Troy, IL

L. Keeley Construction was awarded the equipment procurement and construction of water treatment plant improvements for the City of Troy, Illinois. The scope of work included: the abandonment of an existing well; the installation of a new Well #5; replacement of pumps, motors, drives, and switchgears in Wells #2 through #4; removal of two horizontal filters, aerators, and detention tanks; and installation of five vertical high-pressure filters.

A high-service pump station was procured and installed to service the new 500,000-gallon clearwell/storage tank. The new system included removal of a chlorine gas disinfection system; new flow meters & analyzers (chlorine & turbidity) to optimize control of the process; and installation of sodium hypochlorite and phosphate feed systems, scales, and day tanks.

The existing antiquated standby generator was removed and replaced with a new Cummins 900kW diesel generator. The electrical service included upgrades to the SCADA and instrumentation.

Improvements for process building included storage for sodium hypochlorite, painting, new architectural precast perimeter fence, landscaping, and security system fence and gate. L. Keeley’s work also included backwash settling tank, and sewage lift station.

The project was completed on schedule and under the anticipated budget, receiving a letter of recommendation from the client expressing their satisfaction. 

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