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Darwin, IL

LKC Civil was selected to partner with Engie Corporation to provide 2,740 driven pile for solar panels at two different locations. Because of L. Keeley’s world-class safety culture, our comprehensive quality program, and dedication to completing work on-time and on-budget, we were selected in place of the original contracted company. L. Keeley self-performed 100% of including quality control and layout services to control the completion of the project by the deadline.

LKC committed to the strict deadline and guaranteed the project would be completed by mobilizing within 5 days, working 7 days per week, 10 to 12 hours per day. LKC completed the project on December 21st, nine days ahead of anticipated completion.

The LKC team provided a quick response on our proposal and with our rapid ability to mobilize our equipment and manpower, we were able to be on site  5 days after being contacted by Engie. With our extensive self-perform capabilities including quality control and layout, LKC was able to control the flow of work and completion to beat the strict schedule with zero punchlist at the end of the project.

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