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Sitework Construction Contractor

Keeley Civil

Keeley Construction Civil Group is an expert in sitework construction, including the preparation and grading of a construction site, installation of utilities such as water, sewer, and electrical systems, and the construction of roadways, parking lots, and sidewalks. Our team members ensure that the site is safe, stable, and ready for the construction of buildings or other structures.



Our team are experts in the planning, design, and installation of underground fuel system construction including fuel storage tanks, piping, and dispensing systems for gasoline, diesel, and other petroleum products.


Sitework construction services refer to the various activities involved in preparing a construction site for building or development. These services may include site clearing, grading, excavation, utility installation, and paving to ensure a safe, stable, and functional foundation for the construction project. Our team has experience in completing sitework construction projects to the satisfaction of our partners.

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Our team provides design, excavation, piping materials, and connections for Civil sanitary piping installation projects to ensure safe and reliable operation for the collection and transportation of liquid wastes to treatment facilities. 



We specialize in offering specialty shoring to support and stabilize trenches or excavations using braces, sheet piles, or soldier piles to prevent the soil from collapsing.

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We have vast experience in the installation, repair, and maintenance of infrastructure that provides essential services such as water supply, sewage treatment, and electricity transmission, ultimatley keeping our communities running.



St. Louis, MO

Keeley Construction was part of a Tri-Venture with Mortenson and Alberici as our partners to deliver this $500M, 23,000-seat MLS Stadium. We were proud to partner with the ownership group as they prepare to build a world-class stadium for the St. Louis community,” said Logan Gerken, vice president, and general manager for Mortenson. “The Mortenson l Alberici | Keeley team brings a unique blend of best-in-class national sports expertise with a track record of delivering the best value, finishing strong with on-time and on-budget completions combined with local St. Louis building experience.”


In addition to extensive building experience, the tri-venture of Mortenson l Alberici | Keeley was recognized for its combined industry leadership experience and commitment to developing and implementing a successful workforce development and diversity inclusion plan. 

Design-build pursuits included stadium orientation, restaurants, subterranean tunnel design, Chouteau greenway coordination with Great Rivers Greenway, package design, public procurement and management of Market Street bridge removal and replacement (outside of the project itself), and sports district rounding out the 28-acre complex with admin and training facilities, along with several practices and public practice pitches.

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