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Women in Construction Spotlight: Morgan Wenos

With any construction job comes strict planning and preparation and our preconstruction team works hard to ensure success before the first boots are on the ground. Morgan Wenos, Preconstruction Assistant, works hard to help our business groups with their preconstruction efforts while learning everything she can about the industry to grow in her career.

Morgan joined the Keeley family in August 2021 as a Project Assistant in the Building Group. As she expanded her knowledge in this role, she learned how to complete take-offs and assist in scoping jobs. This sparked her passion for preconstruction and she is now working her way towards a Preconstruction Engineer role doing site visits, take-offs, SOWs, and proposals. As she has gained more responsibility and learned the ins and outs of the role, Morgan has felt empowered in her work and in her growth.

“If there has been something I wanted to learn or have been interested in pursuing, my supervisor, Nathan Munie, has been more than happy to help me figure out how to get there. He and my team are very supportive and helpful when I want to learn more things to progress in my career.”

Morgan has always been interested in working on the big picture of how things work and come together, so construction was a natural fit for her. She has always loved being in a role that is constantly evolving and challenging her and being in construction has allowed her to feel that she is part of something larger than herself. Her favorite thing about the industry is that sense of constant evolution and continuous improvement. She is never doing the same thing and knows she is supported wherever she wants to take her career. Every woman should have these same opportunities in the industry, so if she could give one piece of advice to women just starting out, it would be:

“There is no such thing as a dumb question. You don’t know until you try something if you like it! Practice and repetition in doing new tasks is the only way to make sure you can get things done. It always helps to lean on others and talk to new people, whether that be a subcontractor, team member, or another Keeley’n within the company. Everyone wants to see each other succeed.”

Keeley is guided by a strong vision and we encourage our Keeley’ns to craft a vision for their future personal growth and career growth. Morgan’s vision for the future includes becoming a Preconstruction Engineer. While she enjoys helping the team with all things that encompass preconstruction, she is excited to take on more responsibility and be able to do those things on her own. With the support she has received at Keeley, she knows that this vision is achievable. Her favorite thing about Keeley is the fact that no matter what, if she wants to try something new or explore a different position, she just has to use her voice and the resources she needs will be made available to her.

Keeley Construction PRIDEs itself on our core values and Morgan sees Discipline lived out not only in herself, but in her team members every day.

“When I started, I did not have much construction background and learning the industry has proven to be challenging at times. However, I have been disciplined in the sense that when I go to jobsites and walk-throughs, I pay attention to small details and what other people say so I can pick them up and implement them into my daily tasks. Sometimes doing something you don’t know how to do is hard, but I feel empowered and disciplined to keep learning and taking on more responsibility.”

Morgan has embraced her time at Keeley and is excited for what the future has in store. The company growth she has seen over the past year is incredible and she knows that with this growth comes the need for more amazing people. Morgan truly believes that anyone would be lucky to call Keeley their career destination.

“Anything is possible at Keeley! Everyone wants to see you progress and keep moving forward. It’s empowering to work in an environment where you are encouraged to pave your own path and grow. When you start a new job at a large company, it can be difficult to understand how you will possibly get to meet and know everyone. At Keeley, there are always various ways to get involved and interact with other Keeley’ns you may not have met.”

Morgan, thank you for helping grow our preconstruction team and improving our processes every day! Your excitement for continuous education and passion for our projects does not go unnoticed.


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