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Women in Construction Spotlight: Kerri Spears

By: Claire Sauer

Our team members that are out in the field every single day are the pulse that keep Keeley going. We truly would not be where we are today without them. Kerri Spears is an Operator for our Civil Group and is out in the field continuously exceeding expectations and taking PRIDE in every project. She is dedicated to the success of her team and has a passion for construction that radiates beyond a project. This passion for construction started when Kerri was young, entering the industry over 17 years ago. Kerri loves to be outside and is a self-described busy body, so jobsites have always felt like home.

Kerri will tell you that her favorite part of her job has been the opportunity to learn how to operate all of the pieces of equipment that she has wanted to learn since she was young. Each new piece of equipment brings a new challenge, and Kerri is always ready to face that challenge head on. Kerri found her way to Keeley and has fully embraced being a Keeley'n. The focus that Keeley places on fostering the skills and education of the next generation of team members makes her hopeful and excited for the future.

Working in the field and operating equipment in a male-dominated construction industry can be challenging, however, since joining the Civil Group, Kerri has found that her crews love to work together and everyone is treated as equals. This environment is important not only in the construction industry, but in any industry, so when asked what piece of advice she would give to young women entering the construction industry, Kerri said:

"Start at the bottom and work your way up and work hard. If you're passionate about it, just do it...just go in there, have a good time, and do your thing."

Here at Keeley, we are all about visions, and Kerri knows exactly where she wants to be in the future. She wants to continue pursuing her passions in construction and help build St. Louis into the amazing city she knows it can be. This won't happen without the support of her team, and she is so grateful that Keeley has given her the opportunity to work with a team that "plays well together".

Kerri, thank you for your dedication and passion to our mission, vision, and values. We are so grateful to have you in the field every day, bringing the Keeley culture to others, and sharing your skills and expertise. Keep doing what you're doing!


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