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Women in Construction Spotlight: Emily Dewees

Construction is an ever-changing industry, and our people are always working to keep up with trends, provide high quality service, and exceed expectations. However, it’s our Keeley’ns behind the scenes that keep our machine running. Emily Dewees, Administrative Assistant for Keeley Civil, is one of these Keeley’ns. She keeps our Civil Group in check while advancing her career and learning more about the industry.

Emily joined the Keeley Family a little over a year ago and is currently working towards become an Executive Assistant. She works tirelessly with our Civil Energy and Civil Infrastructure teams with reporting, organization, and other necessary tasks to ensure success. In her role, she is able to voice her opinions and that input is incredibly valued.

“One of the biggest feelings of empowerment is being able to provide problem-solving solutions. Open communication and constructive feedback are necessary for many reasons, and it is well received at Keeley. Anyone is encouraged to speak up at any time if they feel unsafe or if there is a different way to do things. This is truly the definition of empowerment.”

Emily never had a career plan in the construction industry, but she is so glad she answered Keeley’s job posting! No two days are the same for her and the opportunities at Keeley and within construction are endless. Emily was a bit nervous joining a male-dominated industry previously coming from a predominately female industry. However, at Keeley, Emily has been seen by everyone as an equal and is treated with the utmost respect. She truly feels proud to work on a team with such caring, helpful, and intelligent people! So, if she could give one piece of advice to a woman starting out in the industry, it would be:

“Don’t be afraid to be curious and ask questions. It can be intimidating to join a male-dominated industry, especially with little knowledge. In an inclusive work environment such as Keeley, no one will fault you for not knowing something or trying something new.”

Over the past year at Keeley, Emily has learned a lot of lessons and the most important one has been embracing continuous learning and improvement. Keeley encourages everyone to learn and supports continuous education for every team member, from leadership to the field. Being able to prioritize her career growth has allowed Emily to form a clear vision for the future. Right now, her next step is to get her EA certification and become an Executive Assistant. She knows that her potential is limitless and with so many career paths available at Keeley, she doesn’t know where she may end up. It is an exciting journey and one that she is looking forward to as she grows.

Keeley strives to be a true career destination and Emily believes that she has found her home here. Emily has been able to learn so much from her peers and she wants others to know that they can find their passions at Keeley, whatever they may be.

“I love that everyone at Keeley is so passionate about their work, personal growth, and development. Keeley offers so many programs, fun activities, and events. It’s evident they really care about their people from every aspect. Nothing is unattainable when working for Keeley Companies and everyone is incredibly supportive, especially leadership.”

Emily, thank you for guiding our Civil Group and contributing your ideas, solutions, and perspectives to the group’s success. Your growth is limitless and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish!


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