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The L. Keeley PRIDE

By: Tom Birkemeier

Thank You For an Amazing Year | A Message from Tom Birkemeier

We want to wish everyone a very happy and #KeeleySafe new year!

You hear us talk a lot about culture, and with good reason. Culture is what sets the tone of our organization and keeps us motivated.

I believe we are stronger together - partnering to bring out the best in ourselves, our families, and our partners. That's what it's all about. As we grow, we continue to explore what a unique culture looks like that is designed to empower the brightest future.

Thank you for a great 2019. We can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for us. Proud to serve you and be a Keeley'n!

KeeleyWay: Project Spotlights

St. Louis MLS Stadium: #MLS4theLou

We could not be more proud to be a construction partner on the groundbreaking MLS Stadium in St. Louis. Along with Mortenson and Albrici, we will be bringing a state-of-the-art stadium to downtown.

WE can't wait to get started on this amazing project and cheer our St. Louis team to victory!

Click here to read the full press release. Click here to read the full St. Louis Business Journal article.

KeeleySafe: Staying Safe During the Holidays

Safety is our biggest priority and we believe that it is everyone's basic right to go home safe at the end of every day. With the help of Safety Ray, our entire Risk Management team, and our world-class safety culture, we take pride in educating our Keeley'ns, their families, and our customers on how to stay safe in various situations.

Take a look at Safety Ray's most recent Awkward Moment with helpful tips on how to keep you and your family safe during the Holidays.

KeeleyU: Quality MATTers

Earlier this year, our very own Matt Muller, Director of Quality, took the time to educate our Keeley'ns on why Quality MATTers.

Larry Keeley founded this company on one basic principle: "Quality and service never go out of style." Quality is the foundation of everything we do, and through compliance, prevention, and improvement, we have built a thriving Quality culture here at L. Keeley. Our Keeley'ns understand that quality applies to every job, position, and person. Our team members continuously work hard to enhance and improve our quality efforts everyday.

#KeeleyCares: Clean Sweep

#KeeleyCares is proud to support Better Family Life through their initiative, Operation Clean Sweep! This summer and fall, our Keeley'ns came ready to help and were able to assist some amazing St. Louis areas in rehabilitating their communities. We can't wait to continue to support this amazing cause in 2020! Read more about our efforts here.

#KeeleyLife: Gratitude Challenge

#KeeleyLife, our health and wellness program, is dedicated to educating and encouraging Keeley'ns and their families to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

This summer, Keeley'ns participated in our #KeeleyLife Challenege, the Gratitude Challenge. Keeley'ns were encouraged to recognize others for their hard work and dedication to our values everyday. Embodying these values is so important to the success and health of our team members and the company as a whole.


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