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PDB Debrief: Grades of Brick

June 2022

Common building bricks come in three grades which indicate the bricks resistance to weathering. The

weathering general refers to how much rain is expected and how low the temperatures get.

NW: Negligible Weathering – Typically used for interior applications as well as a backup for face brick. For areas with minimal rain and above freezing temperatures.

MW: Moderate Weathering – A grade of face brick used for vertical areas that are exposed and above grade. Suitable for areas of moderate rainfall and freezing temperatures.

SW: Severe Weathering – The other type of face brick is for used in structures below grade or in contact with soil, such as foundations. For areas of heavy rain and freezing temperatures.

Face bricks, grades MW and SW, are further divided into 3 more types which represent their appearance.

FBA: This face brick is non-uniform in color, texture and size.

FBS: Used in areas where a wide range of color and size variation is acceptable or desired.

FBX: These are the ‘perfect’ bricks. This type has minimal variation in color and size.

We would only want to use severe weathering (SW) for Exterior work. Even in the southern part of the county, exterior brick may have contact with the ground. FBS or FBX would be appropriate based on the aesthetic.

While substituting brick is typically avoided, if necessary, we must ensure we do not use a lower grade than specified. Type and appearance is mostly dependent on the look we are trying to accomplish.

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