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Keeley’n Spotlight: Zach Heck

Our Building Group builds communities across the nation and prides themselves on serving customers with an unmatched dedication to quality and safety. Every single team member is valued, from preconstruction prior to the start of a project to the craftsperson that lays the last brick. Zach Heck, Preconstruction Manager, is dedicated to providing transparent and open communication to our clients and our team members throughout the entirety of a project.

Zach joined the Keeley family in October 2020 as part of our Building Group. For him the past few years have flown by, but he loves being able to focus on our Design / Build, self-perform, and estimating services. These three aspects of the Building Group allow him to work on a wide range of projects including: multi-family, Best Box Storage, financial facilities, warehouse & logistics, healthcare, and municipality. The team has grown so much since he joined and is grateful for the opportunity to work with team members and customers across the country.

“I feel empowered every single day. At Keeley, you are surrounded by people who want to succeed and that’s infectious. We are lucky to have such a close group of people that support each other and that are willing to jump in and help at any time.”

Zach’s dad works in the construction industry, so he has known that he wanted to work in construction since he was 13. Growing up, he thought it was amazing to drive by a project his dad worked on and see his hard work come to fruition. When the time came, Zach started his career at the Williams Brothers Construction Yard in Peoria, IL. This first role taught him what it means to have a strong work ethic, which he has carried through every phase of his career. His dad then took him under his wing and taught him all about estimating, which helped land him at Keeley. Throughout his growth and career, Zach has learned that honesty and integrity go a long way in this industry. People respect those who can admit fault and learn from it, so he strives to hold himself accountable while being proud of what he has done at the end of every day.

“My favorite thing about working in the construction industry is the connections you make with people. This is a people industry that is built on trust and work ethic. I am fortunate to have made connections with amazing people over the years and I am looking forward to the connections I continue to make in the future.”

Keeley is all about dreaming big and having a strong vision for the future. Zach’s professional vision includes geographic expansion and continuing to capitalize on Keeley’s Design / Build capabilities. Keeley’s culture is second to none, so he also wants to continue sharing that culture with our communities across the nation, getting the Keeley name out there and building relationships with new clients. Zach is proud of the growth he has achieved and wants others joining the industry to feel the same way, so if he could give a piece of advice to those just starting out, it would be:

“Take yourself out of your comfort zone and apply yourself. It’s okay if you don’t have an answer for everything. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to fail. People who succeed in this industry have tried and failed repeatedly, which builds character and integrity.”

Zach loves his team and being able to work with his team members towards a common goal. His favorite thing about being a Keeley’n is being part of a team that is passionate about the work they do while holding themselves accountable. Keeley’ns are driven by strong core values – PRIDE – and Zach sees Discipline lived out every day. He witnesses this whenever he goes out to a jobsite and sees the quality of work provided by our talented field crews. Zach and his team treat all projects, regardless of size, the same way and ensure the final result delivered to the client is one that everyone can be proud of.

Zach’s journey as a Keeley’n is only just beginning, but he knows that anyone would be lucky to call Keeley their home.

“If someone wants to be part of a first-class culture, but also be challenged, come join our team. We are a determined group that holds each other accountable, and the experience you will gain from each group will be huge for your career. You would enjoy your journey as a Keeley’n and would be surrounded by people who share the same values and standards for success.”

Zach, thank you for your passion for our customers and your dedication to quality and service. Your work ethic shines through in everything you do and we can’t wait to see how you grow with the Building Group!


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