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Keeley'n Spotlight: Michael Cunningham

We have customers across the nation and we would not be able to provide them with high-quality service without our Keeley’ns who are willing to travel near and far to exceed expectations. Michael Cunningham, Regional Maintenance Manager for our Paving Group, is one of these Keeley’ns, taking over our Midwest region.

Michael joined the Keeley family in March of 2020 as a Field Tech. He started as the only Field Tech in the Midwest region, so he took time to learn his craft and advance his career. He soon began growing the team and quickly got promoted to Regional Manager. Today, Michael has a dedicated team traveling around the Midwest tackling maintenance projects for big box clients across the region. Being able to grow a team and forge his own path has given Michael a great sense of empowerment in his work.

“Leadership and my supervisors have been wonderful. I am given my work orders and am able to make my own schedule. I take responsibility for where I need to be and what work needs to get done. Keeley consistently gives me the resources needed to take care of my team, my work, and my customers.”

Michael did not begin his career in construction, but is so grateful he made the switch. He was in the restaurant industry for over 30 years when he knew it was time for a change. He had a friend who was a superintendent at another construction company, so he began working with him to learn the ropes. He realized his passion for the industry and after a few years and through the connections he had made, he found his way to Keeley. Michael has always had a passion for travel and that is not something that the restaurant industry could give him. His role at Keeley has allowed him to work in places he never would have seen before and his work is constantly changing every day.

Making a career change late in life can be scary, but Michael is so glad he took the leap. He has made mistakes along the way, but he has learned from them and fully embraced Keeley’s “Fail Forward” mentality, giving him a strong sense of vision for the future. He is excited to continue advancing his career and gaining experience while growing his team, achieving national and team goals, and exceeding customer expectations. If Michael could give a piece of advice to someone just joining or thinking about making the switch to construction, it would be:

“Don’t be afraid to make a mistake and learn from it. Networking is key. Between everyone that is in the company, at least someone has seen what you’re up against and can support and walk you through it.”

Keeley is known for our core values – PRIDE – and Michael lives these core values to the fullest. The one that Michael embraces the most is People. Without people, none of the other values really matter as we don’t have anyone to live out those values and drive our mission. Michael believes, and has seen firsthand, that if you hire good and reliable people, teach them the right things, and let them get the job done, they will feel empowered and help the company succeed.

Now that Michael is at Keeley, he does not see himself leaving. He feels incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunities he has while finding his footing in the industry. Keeley is his career destination and he knows that anyone can make Keeley their home, too.

“If someone is looking for an exciting career with the ability to travel, feel empowered to do their job, and feel like a family, Keeley is the place to be. Being out in the field, I am just as connected as if I was in the office. Everyone on the team, from leadership down, is willing to step in and help where needed to provide support.”

Michael, we are so grateful you came into the industry and found your way to Keeley! You have built an amazing team and the way you care for our customers is second to none. You have a bright future ahead of you!


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