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Keeley'n Spotlight: Matt Dawson

At Keeley Companies, we are forever grateful for our Veterans and have several Veterans in our family across all business groups. Matt Dawson, Project Engineer for Keeley Heavy Civil Infrastructure, is one of these selfless Veterans. He leads with passion, dedication, and a strong work ethic, helping our Heavy Civil Infrastructure Group grow across the nation. Keep reading and watch the video below to learn more about Matt’s journey to Keeley.

Matt joined the Keeley family through Hiring Our Heroes, an amazing organization through the Department of Defense that helps service members transition to civilian life. Our HR and Recruiting team reached out to Matt and introduced him to the Keeley culture and the construction industry. When Matt came in for an interview, he spoke with Rick Hansen, a Keeley’n who was also hired through Hiring our Heroes, and that sealed the deal. Matt knew that the structure of the industry and working with different skillsets to accomplish a job was applicable to his military experience and was exactly what he was looking for in a career. Since joining Keeley, Matt has felt incredibly empowered to take his military experience and apply it to his jobs while also learning everything he can from his team.

“I have loved the ability to make decisions and have the freedom to fail forward, learn from those moments, and grow without being micromanaged. Keeley really is a great learning environment. Our team in the field has helped me learn how things work and how it applies to the work I do in the office. There is a culture of constant improvement that pushes us all to be the best we can be.”

Since joining Keeley and the industry, Matt has loved being able to visit jobsites and interact with our craftspeople. Seeing projects come to life has helped him learn and paint the picture from the start of the job through the end. He is able to see how every little detail comes together and just how important safety is to our people. As he continues to gain experience and grow in his role, Matt is excited to grow with Keeley and eventually serve in an upper management or leadership role while still prioritizing safety and getting out into the field. He has enjoyed every second of his construction career thus far, so if he could give a piece of advice to someone just starting out, it would be:

“Listen to the people in the field. What you plan and what you picture isn’t always going to work out with what actually makes sense for the job. Relying on the field crews’ experiences will lead to a safe and beneficial solution. If you don’t have the answer, there is a giant pool of experience and knowledge that you can tap into. They will guide you in the right direction.”

Becoming a Keeley’n meant adopting a mission and a common set of core values to live by every single day. Our values – PRIDE – guide every decision and Matt relates the most to Integrity. Everyone he has worked with has shown integrity and does what is right regardless of what the outcome may be. This attitude is felt throughout the entire company and Matt’s favorite part about being a Keeley’n is being part of a motivated team that is dedicated to their job and driving Keeley’s mission and vision. Matt truly believes that he has found his career destination and is grateful to call Keeley his home.

“Keeley truly is a family. Everyone is open and welcoming and always willing to help out, especially when you first start. This family culture makes starting a new position enjoyable and easier to take on. Everyone wants to see each other grow and succeed.”

Matt, thank you for your service to our country and for choosing to call Keeley your career destination. We are grateful for your perspective, excitement, and leadership. Your future is limitless!


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