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Keeley'n Spotlight: Greg Vossenkemper

Our Industrial Group is making a name for themselves in the industry, stepping up to the plate to complete the hard jobs that others shy away from. With customers, jobs, and experiences across the nation, our Keeley’ns strive for excellence every single day. Greg Vossenkemper, Project Manager, proudly leads his team, always prioritizing safety, quality, and service.

Greg joined the Keeley family as a Project Manager in 2018. His first project was at an Energy Center for a trusted partner, and he has worked on a variety of projects since then, from clean rooms to plant expansions. Greg has also worked on multiple jobs with our talented Ironworkers, all while maintaining a strong presence at the Energy Center, strengthening that relationship. Being able to work on many projects while building a team with this trusted partner has given Greg a strong sense of empowerment.

“When we started the project at the Energy Center, our vision was to get our foot in the door and establish a presence to eventually complete multiple projects at this facility. We worked with the clients’ Project Manager and many site representatives at the facility to build their trust in our abilities. Our first project at the Energy Center was the first project that anyone at the facility remembered being completed on time and under budget. We are currently working on our 9th and 10th projects with them at the Energy Center.”

Greg’s grandfather owned a residential construction company and he started working with him during the summers when he was 11 years old. This early exposure to construction proved to be a strong influence. Greg’s first job in high school was working in the Architecture Office of his drafting teacher drawing details, taking field measurements, and helping put specifications together. He then went on to graduate from Kansas State University with a degree in Architectural Engineering and Construction Science. All of these experiences solidified his passion for construction and he enjoyed learning about the systems that go into construction and how everything works together. After years in the industry, his favorite thing has always been being able see and show off the projects that he had a hand in building. It is such a rewarding feeling to know that he helped bring someone’s vision to reality. He has loved every second of his time in the industry, and if he could give a piece of advice to someone just starting out, it would be:

“Relationships are very important in this business, so work on building meaningful relationships with others. Don’t forget to work on your relationships with the team members in the field because they are the ones getting the job done. You will run into them again throughout your career and they will always remember if you treated them with kindness and respect. Always treat people the way you want to be treated but stand your ground when you have to make tough decisions.”

After 4+ years at Keeley, Greg’s favorite thing about being a Keeley’n is seeing the positive impacts our team has on the communities in which we live and work across the nation. The projects the Industrial Group works on have an impact, whether it’s a new building or a project that supplies a utility service. He also enjoys the opportunities that are available to give back to the community through #KeeleyCares and he always encourages his team to give back with their time, talent, and treasure.

Greg has fully embraced the Keeley culture and lives by our core values – PRIDE – every day. He sees Integrity lived out amongst his team and the company because he constantly witnesses Keeley’ns doing the right thing, no matter what. This culture and attitude is one of the things Greg admires most about Keeley and he believes that he has found his career destination.

“The family culture here at Keeley is amazing. I am proud to live out our mission, vision, and values every day while doing what I can to grow the Industrial Group and the company.”

Greg, thank you for your passion for the Industrial Group. You have built incredible partnerships and we are so proud of everything that you have accomplished!


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