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Keeley'n Spotlight: Evan Kamp

Keeley’s Building Group is rapidly expanding across the country, building communities and enhancing the ways in which we live, work, and play. Evan Kamp, Project Superintendent, has been able to work on a wide variety of projects in the St. Louis area while empowering his team members to exceed expectations every single day.

Prior to joining Keeley, Evan had worked as a vendor that partnered with Keeley Construction on a few projects. He was contacted by our Talent Acquisition team after he inquired about joining the Building Group and the rest is history. Since joining the family, Evan has had the opportunity to run some interesting and challenging projects from a supporting role at The Marlowe to running the latest renovation at a local APA Adoption Center. He has been able to work with some amazing Keeley’ns who empower him to grow, provide the highest quality service to our customers, and stay safe every single day.

“Not only the ability, but the responsibility bestowed upon everyone working on a Keeley project to stop work at any time when they see an unsafe action is the epitome of empowerment.”

Evan has been in the construction industry his entire life and loves the challenge of building something where there was previously nothing. There is never a dull day in his job and his favorite part of the industry is being able to help build a better community for his family and for future generations. He has been able to work on and build an incredible team of Keeley’ns, and he is excited for what the future has in store. Evan is mostly looking forward to growing the Building Group nationwide and serving as an asset from Field Management positions. He has grown a lot in his career and wants young construction professionals to know that the industry is full of opportunity, so if he could give one piece of advice to those just starting out, it would be:

“Take advantage of all the opportunities presented to you. Keeley has such a great culture to get involved in and be a part of.”

Since joining the Keeley family, Evan has loved every second of it. He is always treated with respect, given the support he needs to excel, and sees his team members live out our core values – PRIDE – every single day. Evan’s favorite value is Empowerment and he feels empowered to always do what is right, no matter what. He knows his team will always support his decisions and he is grateful to work for a company that aligns with his personal values.

Evan truly believes that Keeley is his career destination and with our rapid growth, endless opportunities are available to other to make Keeley their career destination, as well.

“At Keeley, you have so many opportunities available to you, from career growth, self-growth, and being part of a strong growing team of like-minded individuals, the sky is the limit.”

Evan, thank you for leading our growing project teams across St. Louis. Your leadership and passion for growth is unmatched and we can’t wait to see what you achieve!


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