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Keeley’n Spotlight: Cameron Grubb

The Keeley Construction Building Group passionately serves our customers by exceeding expectations with responsiveness and flexibility. Our teams proudly serve companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries nationwide, delivering safe, high-quality, timely, and budget-conscious projects. Cameron Grubb, Senior Project Manager, has spearheaded efforts in our self storage and grocery markets, providing the Keeley advantage on projects both locally and nationally.

Cameron joined the Keeley Building Group in January of 2022 and jumped right in, working on projects with Best Box Storage and Schnucks. In early 2023, he helped lead the team that brought the first Eatwell Market by Schnucks to the St. Louis market, while also leading construction efforts for multiple Best Box locations across the country. Being able to lead projects that truly enhance the community has allowed Cameron to feel very empowered in his work and his team.

“I feel that I am trusted by leadership to make the right decision when challenges or obstacles are presented on any given project. I also know that if I feel uncomfortable or need to lean on leadership before moving forward, they will provide me with constructive feedback and guidance.”

When Cameron was in high school, he was introduced to the construction industry when he began assisting a project foreman on a large apartment complex after school and on weekends. Cameron was inspired by seeing how the team worked together onsite, having fun and enjoying what they did, all while watching the project progress and become a reality. After spending a summer in Jacksonville, NC working as a summer intern on Camp Lejeune building barracks for the Marines, he knew that construction was his passion and felt ready to dive right in upon his college graduation. Cameron’s favorite thing about construction has always been that every day is different and there is something new to take on every single day. He loves being able to finish a project and see how happy his clients are when they see their vision come to life, all while working with a hardworking team that truly loves what they do. So, if he could give a piece of advice to young people wanting to join the industry, it would be:

“If you aren’t sure about something, always ask your team members/leadership/mentors for help or guidance. You will not know everything when you start, or even 10-20 years working in the industry, and that is okay! Accept this early on, manage the things you can control, do your best, and the rest will all fall in line.”

As Cameron has grown in his career, one of the most valuable lessons he has learned is the important of compartmentalizing. It took him a while to accept this, but he now knows to delegate when he can and always have someone to help get through the tough parts of a project. When he is working on a project, he always looks at the big picture, but it’s important for him that he breaks things down into smaller, more manageable components so he stays focused and avoids becoming overwhelmed. Working with like-minded professionals helps him stay consistent with this and has allowed him to see a clear vision for his future – mentoring and coaching new, young Keeley’ns while successfully managing his projects from conception to completion. He knows that his career journey and this vision would not be possible without the team that surrounds him, as well as all the other amazing Keeley’ns who drive our vision, spread our mission, and live out our core values.

“It all starts with the people. Like Rusty says, ‘If you get the people right, the results will follow.’ Every day I am interacting with people and trying to improve how we communicate, build, and work together. I enjoy working with everyone in the Building Group along with other Keeley’ns outside of our team. I have learned a lot during my time here and the resources that have been offered are endless. The people are what make this such a great place to work and there truly is so much potential at Keeley. I am looking forward to the growth that is ahead with a lot of opportunities to continue Keeley’s success.”

Cameron, thank you for your leadership in our Building Group and for bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to our projects. We are grateful for your passion for people and for your dedication to exceeding expectations.

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