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The Benefits of Asphalt Paving

By: Matt Taylor

The importance of a well-kept and safe parking lot tends to go unnoticed and can often be taken for granted. Your parking lot is a large contributor to business and when it is damaged, it can drive customers away. When it comes time to pave your parking lot, there are many different paving options to choose from. One of the most well-known options is asphalt. The L. Keeley Paving Team is here to breakdown the benefits of asphalt paving and why it may be a great solution for your paving needs.

Ease of Construction

Asphalt is by far the quickest paving method to construct. Unlike concrete, asphalt does not take time to cure, so your parking lot can reopen immediately after construction is completed. While it is always best to plan your paving projects during off-peak times – nights, weekends, or offseasons – asphalt paving decreases closures and delays, thus saving money in the long run and keeping drivers happy. This also means that when it comes time for paving maintenance, repairs will not impede on your business and will cause minimal inconvenience compared to concrete.


The smoothness that asphalt provides is another incredible benefit. According to the Asphalt Pavement Alliance, “The smoother the pavement, the lower a vehicle’s fuel consumption.” It also allows for safer rides since drivers won’t have to worry about hitting deep potholes or cracks that could not only damage their vehicles, but could also further damage the roads. The Asphalt Pavement Alliance notes, “…Improving pavement smoothness by 25% results in almost a 10% increase in pavement longevity.”


One of the most important benefits of asphalt is how safe it is. As previously mentioned, it is one of the smoothest options available which will reduce potholes and other road damage that could cause vehicle damage or accidents. Since asphalt is typically black in color, it provides a high contrast between the asphalt itself and road markers, which are typically white or yellow. This allows a stronger visiblity for drivers in inclement weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow. The black color also absorbs the sun’s rays causing the heat to retain on the surface, thus melting snow and ice much quicker than other surfaces, such as concrete. This results in safer driving conditions during the icy winter months. The Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement Association notes that asphalt can minimize splashes and sprays that can occur during any level of rain. Between improved visibility and better conditions during any type of weather, asphalt is the safest paving material on the market.


Asphalt is one of the most durable and long-lasting pavement options available today. When asphalt construction is properly designed, constructed, and maintained, the surface can remain strong and functioning for up to 20 years or more. Without the need for constant repairs and updates, your business will save thousands of dollars every year. However, if repairs are necessary, L. Keeley has a state-of-the-art Paving Maintenance Program to help alleviate the stress of repaving.

L. Keeley’s Paving Maintenance Plan

Due to the fact that many people wait until their lot has completely failed and a parking lot reconstruction is their only option, L. Keeley has developed a comprehensive Paving Maintenance Plan tailored specifically to your needs. Reconstruction is the most expensive option you have when it comes to your asset, but with a proper Paving Maintenance Plan, you can save over 25% over a 25-year span.

Our Paving Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Detailed inventory of your current assets

  • Customized budget for the short and long term addressing your specific needs

  • Detailed scope of work – L. Keeley uses technology platforms and drones to create a visual timeline

  • Comprehensive proposal including agreed upon scope of work with pricing

  • Control of your construction project with daily reports including details progress with pictures and punch list

  • Option for a one-year warranty

Click here to learn more about L. Keeley Paving and how we can meet all of your paving needs.

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