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L. Keeley Construction FAQ

What is L. Keeley Construction and When was it Founded?

L. Keeley Construction was founded in 1976 by Larry Keeley. Over the past 40+ years, we have grown from a local paving company to a full-service construction company offering a wide variety of services across the nation.

What is a Keeley’n?

A Keeley’n is any member of the Keeley Companies family. Keeley’ns are also commonly referred to as team members, champions, and rockstars.

Where is L. Keeley Construction located?

L. Keeley is headquartered in St. Louis, MO at:

500 S. Ewing Ave. | Suite G

St. Louis, MO 63105

However, with offices nationwide, we are ready to take on any project and meet your needs.

What kinds of projects does L. Keeley Construction work on?

L. Keeley is made up of four unique business groups:


Learn more about L. Keeley’s services here.

What does the Civil Group do?

L. Keeley’s Civil Group epitomizes our core culture and foundational principles. This is illustrated through LKC Civil's complex projects executed strategically with expertise in technologically and geologically challenging environments. The Civil Group’s ability to adapt and respond to the needs of our diverse customers provides unique differentiation in this field.

Learn more about the Civil Group here.

What does the Paving Group do?

At the heart of L. Keeley’s deeply rooted, 42-year history is the Paving Group. Specializing in Paving Maintenance Programs and operating on local and national platforms, LKC Paving prides themselves on delivering quality and service. They foster our family culture and core values that have created a nationally recognized workforce in the industry.

Learn more about the Paving Group here.

What does the Building Group do?

The L. Keeley Building Group passionately serves three key market sectors – Retail, Financial Facilities, and Workplace – by exceeding expectations with responsiveness and flexibility. They proudly serve companies of all sizes - delivering safe, high quality, on-time, and budget-conscious projects. LKC Building is nationally recognized for its impact on communities. They are positively changing the way people shop, work, learn, engage, and evolve. Their expertise allows them to accommodate design-build, negotiated, and hard-bid projects, while their customer-centric nature is redefining how modern construction ventures are planned and executed.

Learn more about the Building Group here.

What does the Industrial Group do?

L. Keeley Industrial has established itself as a leader in its field for its expertise in completing multi-million-dollar designs, installation and maintenance of state-of-the-art mega shredders, material separators for scrap contractors, and installing conveyor and packaging systems. L. Keeley’s Industrial Group offers full-range services across the retail, aerospace and power utility industries.

Learn more about the Industrial Group here.

What is KeeleySafe?

KeeleySafe, our world-class safety program and culture, is built on ZERO. There is nothing more important that returning our team members home safely to their families every single day. Our safety culture instills the universal belief that ZERO unsafe acts is not only possible but sustainable.

Learn more about KeeleySafe here and watch the video below to see why our team members choose to stay safe every day.

What is the Culture Like?

L. Keeley has a world-class culture that focuses on our greatest asset – people. Our culture is made up of five pillars:

  • KeeleySafe - our world-class Safety Culture

  • #KeeleyCares – our Corporate Social Responsibility Program

  • KeeleyLife – our Health and Wellness Program

  • KeeleyU – our Professional Learning & Development Program

  • KeeleyWay – our Strategic Growth Model

  • Keeley One - our Diversity and Inclusion Program

Learn more about each culture pillar here.

What are Your Hours of Operation?

Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm. You can give us a call at 1.866.553.3539.

Are You Hiring?

We are always looking for new talent across the Keeley Companies! You can check out our open positions here.

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