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LKC Industrial Spotlight: Level 1 Clean Room

By: Ted Mettler

St. Louis, MO | New Construction | 2019 | 4,800 Square Feet

The L. Keeley Industrial Team worked with a trusted partner to construct a brand new Level 1 Clean Room as an extension of their current facility. L. Keeley assembled a team of professionals that possessed unparalleled knowledge, experience, and familiarity with our partner’s existing clean room facility. The team was able to accelerate the design of the building expansion and execute early competitive procurement of long lead times.

Through proper planning and execution, the team was able to reduce negative impacts to our partner’s plant production during construction. L. Keeley self-performed critical activities such as excavation, site utilities, steel erection, and siding. The ability to self-perform these aspects of the project allowed for greater control over cost and schedule. Despite the tight timeline, the L. Keeley team was able to complete the Level 1 Clean Room on-time and on-budget.

Learn more about the L. Keeley Industrial Group here.

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