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LKC Industrial Spotlight: Shanghai Compressor

By: Jason Kuhl

Illinois | Compressor Installation | December 2019 | 4,560 Square Feet

L. Keeley’s trusted partner was in need of larger compressors to handle the demand for natural gas. L. Keeley was selected to help them achieve this by pouring the foundations, setting the compressors, and erecting a building around the newly set compressors, each weighing 98 tons. The natural gas is stored in rock beneath the ground, and in addition to distribution, the new compressors also provide storage, pumping gas down into these natural underground pockets.

One major challenge of this project was the process of setting two 98-ton compressors from 60 feet away. In order to accomplish this, L. Keeley used two cranes (350tn and 300tn) to simultaneously pick up each compressor and place it onto its foundation.

Despite being on a tight schedule, L. Keeley had the compressors ready to accommodate the demand for natural gas on-time and within budget.

Check out this video to learn more about the project!

Learn more about the L. Keeley Industrial Group here.

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