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LKC Building: Your Community Builder

By: Ryan Perryman

“Quality and Service never go out of style.”

-Larry Keeley, Founder & Chairman of the Board

Larry Keeley founded L. Keeley Construction over 40 years ago. His words are at the very core of the Building Group and are embodied by every team member. Watch the video below to learn more about the L. Keeley Building Group and what sets them apart.

The L. Keeley Building Group serves three main market sectors:



The Retail market is the foundation of the L. Keeley Building Group. We pride ourselves on delivering peace of mind on every project, whether it is a new, ground-up construction, renovation, or expansion of an existing building. Our customer-centric philosophy focuses our attention to communication, budget, and timeline. We deliver on this principle through our innovative solutions, service-driven approach, and world-class safety culture.

Learn more about our Retail experience here.


The L. Keeley Building Group has an extensive history in building state-of-the-art workplace facilities across the country. Our team understands how the workplace atmosphere shapes the core of a company’s culture and acts as a direct representation of your brand. L. Keeley comes to the table with harmonious solutions bridging design, functionality, and construction to help bring your vision to life. From new construction and tenant improvement projects, to renovations and expansions, L. Keeley can manage projects of any size, timeline, and budget.

Learn more about our Workplace experience here.

Financial Facilities

The L. Keeley Financial Facilities team brings a wealth of expertise, experience, and innovative solutions to every project. We are a proud plan-design-build firm offering the complete experience for financial institutions: strategic planning, architecture, and construction. As the design builder of choice for community banks and credit unions across the country, we provide value-added services including feasibility studies, market research & analytics, site selection & analysis, branding strategies, technological upgrades, and design development. Whether it is a new construction project or a renovation of an existing site, our team strives to exceed our clients' and their communities' expectations.

Learn more about our Financial Facilities experience here.

“When you think L. Keeley Building, think nimble. Our growing team continues to impress through quick-action, integrity, and ability to adapt. I am proud of the knowledge and agility we bring to the table to meet the needs of our loyal partners.”

-Ryan Perryman, VP of Building

Quality and Safety

The quality of our work and the safety of our Keeley’ns are the top priorities at L. Keeley. The Building Group has an exceptional focus when it comes to the quality of projects we work on. Matt Muller, Director of Quality, works hard to instill a culture of “doing it right the first time.” When quality is a top priority and creative solutions are put into place, our team is able to give our customers a product that they are going to have for a long time.

KeeleySafe, our world-class safety culture, is built on the belief that ZERO unsafe acts are attainable and sustainable. KeeleySafe is an integral part of who L. Keeley is. Every Keeley’n works hard to make sure that everyone goes home safe at the end of every day. The Building Group also works to spread this culture to our subcontractors, vendors, and partners.

Learn more about the Building Group here.

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