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LKC Building Spotlight: Elevating Office Space

By: Ryan Perryman

As your business evolves and changes, so should your office space. Your office is a direct representation of your brand, and L. Keeley Building can help bring your brand to life. Whether you need new furniture installed, updated team spaces, or a complete remodel, the L. Keeley Building team is here to make your dreams a reality.

Mastercard Corporate Office

O’Fallon, MO | Renovation | January 2020 | 70,000 Square Feet

L. Keeley completed a full office renovation for Mastercard within a tight, 90-day schedule that took place during the holiday season. In addition to the strict timeline, L. Keeley was able to complete the project while the office remained in full operation, with employees occupying workspaces throughout construction. The renovations included a modern and open-office concept, adding new workstations surrounded by flexible huddle rooms and conference rooms.

The L. Keeley team communicated thoroughly with the client throughout all phases of construction to ensure that the 90-day timeline was met. The biggest success the L. Keeley team accomplished was the acquisition of long-lead material on the short duration schedule.


St. Louis, MO | Office Space Build-Out | 2019 | 10,400 Square Feet

L. Keeley Construction was selected by the client to build out their 10th floor office space with the intent to move their employees from the second floor so that a new business group could move in. In addition to the 10,400 square feet of office space being built out, L. Keeley was also asked to re-cable their aging data infrastructure within the entire second floor office space to new cat-6 cable. The project also included the renovation of a portion of their existing second floor space to convert closet and conference room space into additional interior offices with frameless glass office fronts, all while the new business group occupied the surrounding offices.

L. Keeley utilized our internal Quality team to address specific challenges and communicated effectively with the client about our strict safety philosophy. The client was very satisfied with the final project and recognized the project manager for his performance and reliability.

Gateway Region YMCA

St. Louis, MO | Office Upgrade & Renovations | 2019 | 16,651 Square Feet

L. Keeley partnered with Summit St. Louis Business Center, LLC to provide the YMCA with a new and significantly updated space in a neighboring office. The design of the new space incorporated a modern, open-office look with additional conference and training rooms.

L. Keeley provided preconstruction services to keep the project within budget and coordinated the schedule with the client’s additional providers in order to complete the project on-time. L. Keeley exceeded the client’s expectations, forming a trusted partnership between L. Keeley and the YCMA.


Champaign, IL | New Office Construction | 2019 | 6,500 Square Feet

The L. Keeley team was selected by Cresa as the general contractor to construct a brand-new facility for Genective. Replacing their rented space, this research facility is comprised of an airtight lab, office space, and is the first headquarters for Genective, with the intent of attracting new, top talent.

The construction of this 6,500 square foot facility had many specific and complicated requirements. Quality reviews had to be performed on all electrical outlets and vents, and the entire space had to meet FDA requirements in order to manage the containment of microscopic organisms being handled within the lab. L. Keeley successfully coordinated all phases of the project with designers, kept the project within budget, and the client was fully satisfied with the finished project.

These are just a few examples of the office space projects that L. Keeley has successfully completed. Click here to see more project profiles and learn more about L. Keeley Building.

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