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Concrete Paving Services

Civil Infrastructure Construction

Keeley Civil Group is committed to constructing and maintaining high-quality specialized concrete flatwork by providing our trusted partners with various exterior concrete paving services.

Keeley Civil Group

Keeley’s Civil Group epitomizes our core cultural and foundational principles. This is illustrated through Civil's complex projects executed strategically with expertise in challenging environments. The Civil Group’s ability to adapt and respond to the needs of their customers is the cornerstone of their success as the go-to Civil contractor. They specialize in technically challenging projects that others shy away from, executing every operation with excellence. #KeeleyBuilt

Concrete Flatwork Services

Keeley Civil Group has extensive experience providing flatwork services for various applications, including sidewalks, foundations, and more for trusted partners across the nation.

Concrete Paving Services

Concrete Paving

Keeley Civil Group are experts in exterior concrete paving services.

Concrete Paving Services

Machine Pads

Our team has vast experience in concrete slab placement for machinery and equipment.

Concrete Paving Services

Decorative Pavement

Decorative concrete gives your asset higher curb appeal and our team can execute your vision to life.

Concrete Paving Services

Site Concrete

For larger projects, site concrete is nessary. Our team has experience on large pours, to ensure quality and assurance everytime.

Flatwork Experience

MLK Park

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