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Aviation Fuel Construction

Civil Infrastructure Construction

Keeley Construction is a trusted provider of civil construction services for aviation fuel facilities, offering expertise in the design, construction, and maintenance of advanced infrastructure to support safe and efficient fueling operations at airports. With a strong focus on compliance, quality, and industry standards, Keeley ensures the delivery of top-notch aviation fuel construction solutions tailored to meet the demands of the aviation sector.

Aviation Fuel Construction Services

Keeley Civil excels in providing comprehensive services for aviation fuel construction, including the design and construction of fuel storage tanks, fueling systems, and fuel distribution infrastructure at airports. Our experienced team ensures precision engineering and adherence to safety regulations, guaranteeing reliable and efficient aviation fuel facilities to meet the demanding needs of the aviation industry.

Aviation Fuel Construction

Fuel Storage Tank Installation

Aviation Fuel Construction

Fueling System Construction

Aviation Fuel Construction

Runway Apron Construction

Aviation Fuel Construction

Compliance and Safety

We design and construct underground or aboveground fuel storage tanks, ensuring they meet industry regulations and safety standards for the safe storage of aviation fuel.

Our team sets up sophisticated fueling systems, including fuel pipelines, pumps, and monitoring equipment, to facilitate the efficient and precise dispensing of aviation fuel to aircraft.

We are experts in building and reinforcing the apron and taxiway areas around the aircraft, ensuring they can support the weight of aircraft and withstand the impact of fueling operations.

Ensuring compliance with aviation and environmental regulations is paramount. We follow strict safety protocols, implement spill containment measures, and undertake thorough inspections to ensure the overall safety and integrity of the aviation fuel construction project.

Aviation Fuel Experience

Fuel Tank Farm

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