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Eloy, Arizona

L. Keeley was selected for the design and construction of a new regulated seed laboratory where their customer could test their proprietary cotton seeds and safely store regulated seeds. This design-build project converted a drive-through wash bay into a high-end laboratory. The finished product included build-out for future expansion, a full interior renovation, new HVAC and electrical, and independent septic systems.


In order to allow for future expansion, utilities and doorways had to remain easily accessible throughout design and construction. L. Keeley self-performed all aspects of the project with the exception of the HVAC and electrical. Skilled millwrights and ironworkers were available throughout the project as part of the L. Keeley team. This provided significant help in accomplishing the complicated process of retrofitting the 65-year-old, deteriorated Quonset hut.


This project was finished on-time, to the complete satisfaction of the client.

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