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Dupo, IL

The L. Keeley Civil and Industrial teams worked together to complete the construction of a rock crusher capable of crushing 3,000 tons of rock per hour in order to increase production. The project included installation of 2,200 ft of 48”/60” belt conveyor and 2,324 CY of concrete was poured during the construction phase. The completed project resulted in a 200% increase in production for the customer.


One of the most challenging aspects of this project was having to work around the existing schedule of the quarry. Other quarry activities were on a full production schedule during the construction of the primary plant. Both L. Keeley teams self-performed all concrete work and the installation of equipment and steel. Despite having different scopes for the project, the Civil and Industrial teams came together in order to complete the project and ensure the client was satisfied. The end result was a great partnership between L. Keeley and the customer, who was 100% satisfied with the execution and management performed by the L. Keeley teams. 

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