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Planters Bank

Greenville, MO

As time elapsed and more development gravitated to the outskirts of town, the Planters Bank Branch facility along the highway became busier than the downtown location in Greenville and required updates and enhancements to serve the growing customer base. Based upon relationships going back many years, the L. Keeley Team was called to develop an approach that would have a meaningful impact yet allow the facility to continue to operate during the upgrades. The L. Keeley Team recommended acquiring some underutilized land adjacent to the Bank, which allowed for a comprehensive approach to the project to be developed.

A new front entry element was also added to increase visibility and curb appeal of the building. To facilitate progress, a temporary modular drive-up building was placed onsite that provided an ATM and drive-up to continue serving customers while the new drive-up was constructed. All work was phased around the Bank’s operations and occurred while keeping the facility open and serving customers.

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