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Pt. Ruston Branch | Tacoma, WA

O Bee Credit Union sensed an opportunity in Pt. Ruston, an up-and-coming redevelopment nestled between Tacoma and Puget Sound. Calling on the L. Keeley Team, the Credit Union’s analysis was confirmed by financial projections developed by the L. Keeley Team.


After L. Keeley provided an analysis of several options, a decision to lease a 2,500 SF space was made and the team went to work. The resulting branch is the culmination of the ‘brewpub’ theme embraced by the Credit Union.


O Bee and L. Keeley used authentic décor such as neon lighting, oak stave barrels, and real “tavern” fixtures to create a one-of-a-kind experience for their members. A local artist was used to paint period graphics onto brick walls created in the space, reinforcing the image of the reborn brewhouse.

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